Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog about stubbies and hulls. I'm coming out to Japan next week to have a little gathering called Stubbie Sunday. I've been having them here in California over the past few months and they've been a lot of fun. I'm bringing a small quiver of hulls for everyone to try out and surf, so I hope you all can make it:

Stubbie Sunday Japan
Hasaki Beach, Ibaraki Prefecture
Sunday, September 27th, 2009
8am - sunset

Come Saturday evening so you can be at the event early on Sunday!

Here's driving directions and a link to some pictures of the beach. There's a campground right at the beach, so I hope some of you can come on Saturday night and camp with us. We're going to hang out by a fire and listen to some music...

Here's a link for the driving directions: HASAKI BEACH

Here's a link to some pictures: HASAKI BEACH PICTURES

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